Male Scarves in Alabama: The cause of Rednecks? (Pun Possibly Intended)

Imagine your face when seeing this, then apply it to a normal sized scarf.
Imagine your face when seeing this, then apply it to a normal sized scarf.

I’ve always been a fan of style. Not someone who attends fashion shows and such, but I can appreciate clothes looking good on someone. With that, comes the respect of accessories; scarves being very high on the list of things deemed cool. One thing I’ve noticed in my nineteen years as an Alabamian, is that my fellow citizens rarely have such appreciation and often criticize those who do.

As of this morning, it was 18°F outside with a windchill of 4°F. In other words, it is absolutely freezing outside (by Alabama standards anyways). The mass hysteria that comes with these temperatures leaves our bread aisles empty and most people in their homes, naturally. But for the ones who do venture out of their humble abode, I would honestly give a 5% chance of seeing a small town Alabama male wearing a scarf. They’ll usually just stick to their Carhartt jackets, boots and baseball caps to provide warmth. I have never understood why, If it’s freezing, someone would not want to stay warm and possibly even look cool doing so at the same time?


The issue stems from wanting to look “manly”. People from here will seriously rather freeze and pretend to be warm, than wear a scarf. I don’t exaggerate whatsoever. The times I’ve worn a scarf in public and not received a strange look from someone can be counted on one hand.

The biggest confusion to me comes from seeing photos from the fifties and sixties, of men in suits wearing scarves. Back when men always looked badass and it’s safe to say they were more conservative, they wore scarves. Somewhere between then and now, southern men evolved to resist cold and the scarf became unmanly and shunned. What a shame…

Regardless, I’m gonna keep my neck warm while looking cool (or at least I like to think so) and you guys can keep your red necks (no pun intended) and false warmth for the sake of manhood. You do you, fellow Alabamians.

3 thoughts on “Male Scarves in Alabama: The cause of Rednecks? (Pun Possibly Intended)”

  1. Might as well throw in one of those flatmate with a snap on the front if your going with the scarves. That, my friend, would be a verrrry risky gamble. Good luck. Haha

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