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Gun Nuts Shooting Themselves in the Foot


Like most passionate reactions I feel, this one came from a Facebook post shared by one of my friends. When I saw this photo, I was amazed that someone who tried to create a clever analogy was killing their own argument without realizing it. A smile crept onto my face when I realized I could counter this so effectively.

Coming from the uber conservative, opinionated south, I am bombarded with ignorant ideals everyday. One becomes numb to it after years without relent, but every now and then a post such as the one above is so bad that I can’t help myself. We all know the south loves guns of all kinds and they’re willing to fight if you try to take them away. I remember being in middle school hearing people say how Obama was going to “take all our guns away” and “he can try if he wants but they’ll have to go through me”. Yes, these are actual statements one hears daily in the rural south.

The photo above tries to be clever and use different types of pencils as a metaphor for different gun types. What the author of the post didn’t realize is that the image very well proves that high capacity assault rifle (i.e. mechanical pencils) are totally unnecessary. Everyone agrees that a standard wooden number two pencil will put words onto paper just like a mechanical pencil will. There’s no denying it. Where the arguments will start is about the “efficiency” of the mechanical pencils. Sure, the mechanical pencil will hold more lead and you don’t have to distract the whole classroom with a sharpener but it still writes just the same as a standard pencil.

Now let’s transfer this back to the guns. A perfectly legal pistol will stop an aggressor or threat just as efficiently as an assault rifle in almost every scenario. People use the excuse of self defense on assault rifles because they see them as toys and no one wants their toys taken away.

The fact of the matter is that assault rifles being readily available to the public has obviously shown itself to be detrimental. Assault rifles are for soldiers and war. Even the very name of the gun shows this: “Assault (verb) – to make a physical attack on.” They aren’t called “civilian defense rifles” for a reason.

Being southern, I have an appreciation for guns. I do think they are fascinating machines and they are fun to shoot. I think everyone has their inner Rambo moments when they just want to blow stuff up (not humans hopefully). No guns are toys and tweaked versions of the rifles issued to soldiers definitely aren’t. Fun shouldn’t come at the expense of human life and it rarely is in other situations.

I almost can admire the effort put into the image above but the lack of thought about a counter argument takes it away. The image is perfect for the ignorant bigot-type who wants a clever metaphor for their cause. They ALMOST had it… almost. I can even see the smile they made when thinking how clever it was to refer to a mechanical pencil as having a “large capacity of led.” (It’s graphite, but nice try again.)

A sincere thank you goes out to the author for further weakening the cause.